Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hand Splints!

Keeping my hands open,
but still not out of my mouth.
Sitting in my Bumbo like a big girl!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest EEG

Done 2/28/12, showing no more infantile spasms.

CLINICAL: 9-month-old with a severe CNS dysgenesis and infantile spasm with good level response to ACTH. Other medications include Topamax.

TECHNIQUE: 16 channel routine EEG.

INTERPRETATION: Recording begins with the baby appearing awake. There is a moderate amplitude theta and delta showing mildly abnormal distribution and lack appropriate gradient. There is no effect of strobe light stimulation. Sleep is recorded after 20 minutes. There is during sleep, frequent high amplitude rhythmic beta from the right posterior quadrant. It is seen independently as well from the left posterior leads. Sleep architecture also is abnormal with no spindles or vertex waves. There is a high amplitude theta and delta polymorphic in nature. The study, however, contains no epileptiform abnormally.

IMPRESSION: Continued abnormal EEG due to excessive slowing and relative suppression of physiologic activity as well as unusual beta in posterior derivations consistent with a history of cortical dysplasia . Epileptiform activity is now absent pronounced interval improvement.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'd like to take time to post a few links about Paisley's condition for those who still don't understand (it really is hard to grasp) or those just now joining us on our journey:

Paisley's diagnosis: Lissencephaly and some Polymicrogyria
Why Paisley cannot see: Cortical Vision Impairment
My biggest fear: Feeding Problems
Paisley's PREVIOUS seizure type: Infantile Spasms
Treatment: OT, PT, SP, Vision Specialist, and of course, anti-seizure medication (Topirimate)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't have much time here!

I'm having family from both sides come over so I really need to clean up, but I thought I should blog for a minute. Paisley is still seizure free and is cooing her little head off. She smiles not only at the ceiling fan, but us now. I took the first half of an infant massage class and will be taking the next part on Tuesday. Paisley and I really love it! I read a book the instructor gave me and it even talks about the ACTH hormone in the brain during massage and during stress so it's really something I look forward to! I also get a follow up visit from the vision specialist that saw us two weeks ago. I really learned a lot from her. Paisley got her SSI back, so we still have the insurance she needs. Keeping my fingers crossed that things stay this good! Sorry so short xoxoxo.