Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Pictures

One last photo dump for the day: 
First Birthday Pictures by Sherri Hedberg, mama of our favorite family.
Okay, so she was really tired, but we had a blast!!

May is Creeping Up

Alright, it's getting close to Paisley's first birthday. Eleven days to be exact, and I never thought it would bother me this bad. Of course right now we're overwhelmed with our illnesses. Brandon is still struggling with his diabetes and insulin pump, and now I'm having to go to the GI doctor this week as a last resort to figure out what's going on with me. I do, however, have to be thankful there is nothing new as far as Paisley is concerned. No seizures, no feeding problems, and she is so happy.

I think this birthday is bothering me so bad because day to day she just seems like an infant (mentally and developmentally a 3-4 month old) and I forget about her developmental delay so often and just treat her like a never-aging little baby. When I say she is "X months old" people usually don't think twice about it, but now when people will ask me how old she is I will say "One", and it'll be very obvious that she is not "normal". People just relate better to milestones and since she is not reaching any developmental milestones this is the big one for us. It makes me so much more aware that she is aging, this is going to get harder and harder as more time goes by.

Anyways, Paisley is smiling all day, rolling side to side frequently, making different sounds (still no "babbling"), and she is starting to reach out and grab things. I still wouldn't call it intentional, but I believe she is noticing there is actually a world around her and she keeps those little arms extended to grab anything she feels. She rips out my hair and scratches my face, but she is exploring and I am so happy about it.
We started doing stage 3 baby foods (mashing up the chunks now, after having to dig a noodle out of her throat) and we'll give her a bite of frozen yogurt, mashed biscuit, etc. Her speech pathologist has mentioned starting actual SPEECH therapy, since she is eating fine right now.

At her WIC check-up she is in the 23rd percentile for her weight (under-weight), 10th percentile for head circumference (tiny-head, but growing consistently since it's always tiny), and in the 98th percentile for her height... That's right, they're telling me that my baby is going to be close to six-foot tall. I'm 5'2, so she better be walking by the time she is towering over me. While the nurse at WIC was measuring and weighing her, she  asked, surprised, if Paisley wasn't sitting up yet. I just told her that she has a brain problem and she stated, "Oh, I was wondering if there was something wrong with her". Got to get used to remarks like that, I guess. I don't know, I might compare this to her stats we get from the pediatrician because it's hard to imagine someone in my family being that tall.

Also at WIC, they told me (even after I brought a doctor's note) they have to take away her baby foods at age one. Since she is still on a pureed diet we might have to invest in a food processor soon to make food for her. I guess I knew this was coming since she is getting so scrawny and needs more "grown-up" nutrients since she is a big girl now. She will probably be moved up to whole milk (age 1 to 2 needs the fats for brain development) with Carnation mix for weight gain, or maybe even toddler formula. I can't wait until we see her pediatrician on the 18th to figure out her new diet.

On Tuesday we go to see her neurologist which always makes me nervous. Last time was the only time we got good news and I hope it continues. I just personally think she is doing so well. Everyday.

MTAC Photos

Here's the photo dump from Middle TN Anime Convention during Easter Weekend. We were the cast from Sailor Moon. Paisley was Chibi Moon without her pink wig this time, haha.
Everyone really loved Paisley and she loved all the attention. I love this picture because it really describes how she was the whole weekend in her stroller. LAID BACK.
This was our whole group. My best friends.
Last one, Paisley as Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Just because I'm a responsible mother and Paisley is differently-abled doesn't stop us from having fun!

Friday, April 13, 2012

April Update

Paisley is getting so big! Her PT was increased a little bit, and she's still rolling over occasionally by herself and reaches out sometimes. She's holding onto things a lot better and I really wanted bottles she could do more with since eating is her favorite thing. The only ones I found that we liked was tiny 2 ounce disposable bottles that already have formula in them, and you also have to buy the disposable nipples for them separately too. They're too expensive to use them all the time, but they really are perfect. I did also get an interchangeable Advent and Tommee Tippee bottle and sippy cup with handles to see if she likes either of those nipples/bottle shape. But I'm still on the lookout for the really skinny bottles!

We went to Paisley's 2nd convention last weekend in Nashville (MTAC), and she had a blast! She loves being pushed around in her stroller, watching everything going on, even if it's for hours at a time. I dressed her up and she loved all the attention and flashes from the cameras. Thank god she doesn't have seizures triggered by flashing lights!
Pinkie Pie and baby Spike. I'll do more of a photodump later!

Paisley's first birthday is in 28 days, and she is going to have a big My Little Pony birthday at her Coco's house. On June 4th, shortly after her birthday, we get her pink wheelchair. We are so excited!