Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

Today we went to Babies R Us with Charlie and she bought Paisley early Birthday presents! We got a Baby Bullet since Paisley will be on pureed foods for a long time, possibly forever. Now you know me, I DON 'T COOK, but Paisley is underweight and really needs the nutrients most babies her age get from regular "adult food". I'll have to make up a review once we start using it.
We also got a tray for Paisley's Bumbo seat. Even though her chair will have a tray when it gets here, I want to try things with the Bumbo, especially since she still has to work hard to sit up in the Bumbo, unlike the easy-as-pie chair. She actually figured out how to hold on to the edges of the tray to keep herself more steady! Here's some cute pictures before she turned into angry Hulk and ripped the tray off! Not even kidding!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Is Here!

The neurologist visit went great today. The doctor told us she looks and acts like she is doing very well. We're staying on the same dose of Topirimate for four more months and then possibly tapering down. That makes me nervous, but she wouldn't be as drowsy during therapy, etc.
I hurt my back carrying Paisley around all weekend since we were pretty busy. I can't wait to get her Squiggle chair on June 4th!