Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EEG-time again.

This was the first time we had to do an awful prep for an EEG, but my girl did so good! Daddy put Paisley to sleep at midnight while mommy rested to wake her up at 4 AM. No eating, no napping until our 8:30 appointment. Paisley was not very happy and it was a bad morning with a toddler to say the least. We had a meltdown while they were hooking her up, but when we got to leave her alone finally, she went right to sleep.

After the test we went straight to the neurologist's office and he was very happy with her EEG results (which says a lot) and thinks Paisley is doing really well. He says there's some suspicious activity going on near the front of the brain, but nothing he's worried about, and at the back of her brain she almost has some "normal" brain activity! That has never happened before. We are not going to taper down on her medicine like we discussed last time however, but that's fine with me. Don't fix what's not broken, right? Maybe if she continues to go seizure-free for a little longer.

Overall, I am so proud of my girl for being so good and cooperating with the test. She really is so sweet and wonderful. I hope her brain keeps up the good work. We all got to rest afterwards, too. :)

Paisley's present from the neurology lab. They're starting to know her to well. This was her fourth EEG.
I'll probably post the EEG report on here later on for other parents, as always.